With over a decade of successful projects in our portfolio, we have what it takes to get the job done.

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Moonlite Electric and Construction

is locally owned and operated in Cary North Carolina, specializing in electrical and general construction.


Moonlite has the people, equipment and infrastructure to get your job done on time and within budget. The majority of our work is performed, from conduit to cabling. We do not believe that clients should incur the costs of a disorganized contractor. Projects are thoroughly planned, supported, and managed; no matter how big or small.


Extensive safety training is augmented with project-specific orientation on the job site. Specialized training addressing unique hazards such as confined spaces, heights, respiratory exposure and any other job-specific risks ensures a productive job.


LEED-certified projects, such as the Green Square parking deck in downtown Raleigh. Experience in LEED construction and leading technology such as commercial LED lighting and photovoltaic systems.

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With a proven record of reliability, safety, and experience we will make sure to meet your projects demands.

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